Norm Kohn's The Chandana Tree is a stunningly engrossing offering, pairing character and plot in a richness that
teases, then compels the reader to become lost in this intriguing adventure and love story shaded in cultural
differences. Among reader friends I have, it would be called a "grabber."
Terry Kay, Author of The Valley of Light
A  Japanese-American Story of Love, Hi-Tech Corporate Espionage and Hollywood Intrigue
Photo By Steven Petsch, Yokosuka, Japan
If you're looking for an easy read and good storyline alone, the adventure and romance will give you plenty to sink
your teeth into. Yet for those wanting something meatier, deeper themes run through the novel as well...His
descriptions reveal a wonderful ability to see the sacred among the mundane...
The Chandana Tree is a novel that
pulls you in on many levels.  
 Points North Magazine