orm’s family was steeped in art, music and theater.
Some of his fondest childhood memories are of studying
his mother's conte crayon figure drawings and
performing in his father's musical productions. He got
his first taste of writing looking over his father’s
shoulder as he crafted production scripts.
At Auburn University Norm immersed himself in art
and drama. In the evenings he worked as a TV
producer, director and TV show host. The summers
were spent in film as an actor and assistant drector.
In the 60's Norm established a creative/design group
working in advertising, corporate communications, film
and TV. The venture proved challenging and creatively
satisfying. The firm’s clients included national and
international corporations and advertising agencies. The
group won many awards and was represented in
numerous American and European exhibitions, film
festivals and publications. A  high point was doing story
development and studio design projects in L.A. in the
80's, where his work appeared on a number of network
series and made for TV movies. During this time he
taught and lectured at several universities and colleges.
Time away from work was spent with his wife, Kathy
and their two sons camping and sailing. He continued
to develop his interest in yoga and metaphysics, and
later Japan. The quiet moments were spent painting
and writing. Norm published a small volume,
Beginnings, which eventually led to STARS, an
illustrated book published by Peachtree Publishers in
Atlanta, and Saar Publishing in Israel. Those books
were followed by two novels,
The Chandana Tree and
The Dolphin Chronicle, and now The Unfinished
Norm especially enjoys poetry, the company
of friends, a cup of green tea and a glass of good wine.