Fear is sweeping the mythical land of
Kantalonia. A strange star has appeared in the
sky and its peculiar behavior suggests to Grandel, the
royal wizard, that the fulfillment of an ancient,
unfinished prophecy is coming to pass. Suddenly a
great swarm of dragons descend on the castle,
wreaking havoc and stealing the king's daughter. So
begins the quest of KingManfred, Grandel, a young
knight, a small troll and an old owl to rescue the
princess. In theshadow of a Forbidden Forest, they
join forceswith atroll warlord and Ro, a crystal cybot.
Ro revealsto Grandel the extra-terrestrial origin
ofKantalonia, and the Dark Power who has reached
across time to kidnap the princess and control the
universe. Defying overwhelming challenges,
dragons and in and out of time, their search for the
princess leads to a dark, brooding fortress and
a climatic battle with the Dark Power's legions to
save the kingdom and fulfill the prophecy.